Section 1 Course Content

In section 1 we cover: 

  • 1.0: "Start Here" - The intro video to the course
  • 1.1: Homepage basics -The anatomy of a great homepage, and what techniques some of the most successful Shopify stores are using
  • 1.2: Contact and About us - The importance of these two critical pages (as well as inspiration you can draw from to make yours great)
  • 1.3: Collection and product pages - The crux of your store, since they make the money!
  • 1.4: Checkout, payments and multi-currency - Make it super easy for customers to buy
  • 1.5: Common mistakes - In my work with over 500 Shopify stores, I've seen a lot of businesses making the same mistakes. Here are some of them and how to avoid them.
  • 1.6: Mobile - With most stores now receiving upwards of 60% of traffic on mobile phones, it's critical that your site is reviewed and working beautifully
  • 1.7: Advanced conversion techniques for the cart, checkout and more
  • 1.8: Recap of section 1 - Recap everything we've learned in this section, as well as how to use the special checklist to track your actions.