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Why Elephants?

Elephants grow big, fast… but in a robust, sustainable way.  They are deep-thinkers, and work for the greater good. This is how we help our clients. We bring our 15 years of online experience to carefully assess and find ways to improve their online business. We get things done, and help them grow -- quickly, but sustainably -- so they grow for the long term.

Through our services and our online course, we help Shopify businesses thrive. 

Our Difference

Everything we recommend and implement, we use in our own businesses too.  I've worked on over 500 Shopify stores. 

Having worked at Shopify, IBM, Deloitte and on 5 of my own businesses, I’ve learned in the real world -- not just from online courses or by applying techniques to others’ businesses.  We learn by doing; and then pass on the best of the best, to our clients.


For Shopify store owners


CLIENTS We've Worked With...

Our clients are not only concerned with dollars, but other things too. We’ve helped mission-driven companies in conservation, the environment, plastic reduction, learning, mental health, and more.


How we help for-purpose businesses grow in 3 ways:

Improve conversions

Most businesses are missing lots of revenue, just by not having an optimised website... especially for mobile phones.  A paid theme and just ‘putting it up on the website’ is no longer enough.

Our process for improving conversions has been applied across hundreds of businesses.  First, we review & surface areas for improvement, then work on implementation & measurement.

Make more from email

Every email says something about you. Optimise your emails for both desktop and mobile for more repeat customers, more sales, and to compete with the bigger players by looking like a pro.

Upgrading both your Shopify emails and your campaigns can automate more sales and save you time, too. 95% of Shopify businesses I see have not done this, and are leaving money on the table. 

Give Better Support

Are you giving your best support to customers? Many businesses aren't, because they don't know how (yet).  Save time, improve response rates and reduce stress for you as the business owner.

If you're struggling to keep up, repeating yourself answering the same questions, and spending too much time on customer service, we can help. Often, you'll also make more sales too.

What People Are saying

"Tristan has exceeded all expectations in applying a wealth of knowledge in Shopify to help our business get to the next level. We have never met someone more passionate, organised and hard working. He has offered a very educated perspective on our current systems and has proven that his recommendations work! He has become an extension of our business and we credit him to being a vital part of the success we have achieved to date. Can’t recommend enough!"

Kayla, Founder, BAMBA SWIM

How We Deliver

OK fine, so we can help with the services above. How do we do this?

Firstly, through our online course: Thrive On Shopify.  This course contains ALL the details I've learned by working with over 500 Shopify businesses, as well as running several of my own.  (I still do, to this day). See the course here.

Secondly, through a small amount of personalised consulting. Chat to us here.

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