Part 2

Part 2

Welcome to part 2.

Ready to make more sales, automatically impress your customers, and give your store a more professional image (whether you're doing 1 sale per month or 1000)?  Let's do it.  In this section, we'll be looking at email.  Let's dive in. 

2.1: Shopify Emails - Examples (12:02)

As you know, Shopify automatically sends emails to customers at certain points throughout the purchase and ordering process.  But are your emails doing your store justice? Learn what to look for in a high-quality Shopify email, to ensure your store looks professional and keeps customers coming back:


2.2: Shopify Emails - Setup (29:25)

Now that you've seen some beautiful email examples, in the next video I'll show you EXACTLY how to set up and install professional looking emails from your Shopify store.  We cover this in 3 specific levels: basic, intermediate and advanced:


2.3 Abandoned Cart (19:06)

Possibly THE most important sales-generating email on your whole store, learn what to do (and what not to do) in your abandoned cart email, and how to make it convert more customers into sales:


2.4 Welcome Email (8:05)

Get your customers to love you from Day 1.  Warm email subscribers up for a potential sale, and introduce them to the wonderful background and benefits of your business by creating a welcome email. Do it once, reap the benefits forever. Here's how:


2.5 Around the website - Email Opt-Ins, Forms and Popups (13:10)

You want more email subscribers, right? In this video, learn how the best Shopify stores get more email subscribers by offering REAL value for customers, as well as the most common mistakes regarding email collection (and how to avoid them):


2.6 Comparison of Klaviyo and MailChimp (3:58)

Here we touch on a very common question: Should I use Klaviyo, or MailChimp?


2.7 Advanced: Klaviyo conversion techniques (5:18)

There are two very subtle but super important touches that a lot of Shopify stores gloss over: Email Subjects and Preview Text.  These can make or break your email campaign, and largely determine whether a customer hits "Archive" or actually reads your email.  Especially important on mobile phones, since we have less text and screen space to work with!

In this video, learn the important of Email Subjects and Preview Text, as well as two strategies for discount codes: basic, and, more advanced personalised discount codes using Klaviyo:


2.8 Recap of Section 2 + Resources (6:55)

Here we recap everything we've covered in section 2, as well as introduce the checklist you can use to track your actions and progress, the list of references used, and the slides:



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Hi guys and girls! Welcome to section 2. Tristan here (your guide for this course). If you have any questions, feel free to reply here in the comments. Would love to hear what you think and how you’re applying this to your business, too. Cheers! – Tristan.

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