Part 1

Part 1


Welcome to the course. I'm so glad to see you here -- and that you've taken this step to invest in yourself, and in your business.  I'm looking forward to working with you to improve your business in tangible, actionable ways that I really believe will help you to become more profitablereduce stress, and save time.

1.0 Start Here (3:18)

Hey there! I'm Tristan, and I'll be your instructor during the course.  Watch this video to get started:


1.1: Homepage Basics (11:47)

To start, learn about the anatomy of a good homepage, common mistakes, and ways to make your business stand out. As business owners, we only have a few seconds to capture a new visitor's attention - learn how the best Shopify businesses do this:


1.2: Contact And About Us Pages (7:28)

Watch this video to see how important these two pages are - Contact Us and About Us -- and how to get the most out of them. Most Shopify stores don't do this right.  Think you have the perfect contact page already? Crafted a great story for your About page? See the video to make sure you've covered all bases, as well as see some inspiring examples you can draw from:


1.3 Collection and Product Pages (16:40)

One of the MOST important factors for making sales is: high-quality product pages. But what does that mean, exactly?  In this video we look at: ensuring your product pages have great detail, optimised images, information that will convert customers at a higher rate, and how to avoid common pitfalls (spoiler: reviews can work against you if not used correctly!):


1.4 Checkout, Payments and Multi-Currency (16:11)

Checkout is where customers customers actually pay us the money -- but a surprising number of Shopify stores get this wrong and make it difficult for customers to finish their order. Let's remedy this!  This next video covers the Checkout, Payments, and touches on the more advanced topic of Multi-Currency and how to do it well:


1.5 Common Mistakes (12:57)

Having seen over 500 Shopify stores, I've found that the same mistakes keep cropping up again and again, preventing (or limiting) Shopify store owners from making more sales. This video covers the most common mistakes -- fixing these can lead to quick wins to improve your conversions:


1.6 Mobile: Your Website On Mobile Phones (11:16)

Most Shopify stores receive 50-60% or more of their traffic from mobile phones.  Are you alienating half your customers by not having a website that works well on a mobile?  This video covers how to test your own store, as well as the key conversion and usability pitfalls to look out for on a mobile phone:


1.7 Advanced Conversion Techniques (11:16)

Learn from the best businesses on Shopify. What are they doing to increase their conversions, and how can you apply this to your own business?  This video covers some of the more advanced conversion techniques on Shopify, drawn from some of the highest-converting and most successful stores I've seen in my career working with 500+ stores:


1.8 RECAP of Section 1 (10:34)

Here we recap EVERYTHING from Section 1, and show you how to use the checklist we've developed to help you take action on everything you've learned:


DONE?  When you're ready to move on to Section 2, click the button below. See you there!

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Hi folks – welcome to the course! Tristan here – I’ll be your instructor for the course and am here to help however I can. Stoked to see you here! If you have any questions, feel free to reply here in the comments. Would love to hear what you think and how you’re applying this to your business, too. Cheers! – Tristan.

Tristan King

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