What people are saying about Grow Like An Elephant...

"Tristan has exceeded all expectations in applying a wealth of knowledge in Shopify to help our business get to the next level. We have never met someone more passionate, organised and hard working. He has offered a very educated perspective on our current systems and has proven that his recommendations work! He has become an extension of our business and we credit him to being a vital part of the success we have achieved to date. Can’t recommend enough!"
Kayla, Founder, BAMBA SWIM
"Tristan clearly has a great eye for website conversion optimisation and delivered some invaluable advice in a concise and easily-consumed report that I believe will have a big impact on our sales and lead generation!"
- Eliot, Founder, FutureKind

“If you have an e-commerce store and get the chance to work with Tristan, you have to take it. I’m really glad that I met him. I’ve been in e-commerce for 7 years, but there were some key insights that Tristan helped me with for my Shopify store. He’s super knowledgeable about e-commerce and converting your potential customers into buyers.”
- Chris Kim, Founder, Mannequin Mall 

"Tristan's expertise runs deep when it comes to Shoify, eCommerce, and conversion. Except notable changes to your bottom line from Tristian's advice. I really loved all the direct actionable advice."
Jesse, Co-Founder, DropInBlog
"Tristan's Shopify expertise was invaluable in helping me identify the areas of our site that needed improvement. He guided me not only on what matters most to increase conversions and traffic on our site, but also on how to execute it. "
- Briana, Habitech
"Tristan possesses a wealth of knowledge and real world experience across all areas of commerce. Having run his own agency and also been a merchant selling globally, Tristan understands how to grow and succeed at a much deeper level than most."
- Ben, Shopify

"We worked with Tristan on ways to maintain our level of customer service while growing our business. Tristan delivered a training session with the whole team, a small group workshop with business directors, and written discussion papers prepared through extensive collaboration with directors. Tristan was incredibly thorough in his preparation and research into our business, and was able to present a range of clear, practical measures at both the tactical and strategic levels to help us grow in a sustainable way. Since working with Tristan, we have streamlined our project management processes, marketing, and lead management, resulting in better customer service, less admin, and a stronger ability to pitch for and win big new contracts."
Rhys, Code Nation