Section 3 Content + Bonuses

In Section 3 we cover:

  • 3.1 Customer Touchpoints: The Crucial Entry Points To Your business: An overview of the other critical entry points to your business that we'll cover in this section. There are many. Do you know what they all are? And have you tested them?
  • 3.2 Contact Form, Email and Live Chat: Customer contact is integral to your business. In this video, learn the importance of email subjects in NOT coming across as spam; email signatures; and how to set up Live Chat in a way that helps your customers and avoids any frustration with 'half-manned' Live Chats.
  • 3.3 Tracking Packages: Are you wasting lots of time answering emails like "Where is my order"? This simple way of setting up self-serve tracking could save you hours every week, and make your customers happier too. Learn how to set up self-serve tracking on your website:
  • 3.4 Customer Service Systems: Setup & Common Mistakes: If you're drowning in customer service inquiries -- or just want to improve your service -- you'll want to consider getting a Customer Service System, also known as a helpdesk. Here, learn WHY this will help your business (and you personally); WHEN is the right time to set one up; the key 2 contenders in my mind that work well with Shopify, and 2-3 common mistakes to avoid, that will help you look as professional as possible and make your life easier too:
  • 3.5 Summary of Part 3: A recap of everything we've covered in section 3, along with the checklist and slides for this section.

In the Bonuses & Closing, we cover:

  • 4.1 Bonus 1 - Getting Support: With so many support channels, it can be hard to know where to go. Shopify support? Experts? Hire an agency? Documentation? YouTube? Bloggers? In this video I save you time by sharing the best support resources so you don't get stuck (including one sneaky hack to find out where your theme comes from, in case you forget).
  • 4.2 Bonus 2 - Curated List of The Best Shopify Apps: Save hours and just get the 'best of the best' Shopify Apps straight up, instead of trolling the App Store and trying 5 apps that do the same thing. Get this list instead and save hours by cutting through the fluff.
  • 4.3 Bonus 3 - Shopify Coding 101: “Coding for non-Coders”: A Shopify 101 coding mini-course. I’ve taught this to hundreds of people in my agency days, at Shopify, and to consulting clients. In 10-30 minutes, you can learn the basics of how to change formatting on your store, and where to start with some basic Shopify coding.
  • 4.4 Wrap-up and Thank You: Closing comments, wrapping up the course, and a thank you for taking the course.