Higher Email Clicks: Fix Your Preview Text For More Opens (Especially On Mobile)

Higher Email Clicks: Fix Your Preview Text For More Opens (Especially On Mobile)

In Klaviyo / MailChimp / Whatever software you're using, make sure your preview text shows the benefit of the email.  Make it short, actionable, and most of all, easy to read on a mobile phone, which is where most customers will be reading it. 

It's one of the first things customers will see when they look at the email, and usually make a decision about whether or not to read it.  It's the part that is shown alongside or (on mobile) underneath the subject line:




This can be the difference between "DELETE" or "Hmm, I might read this". Especially if a discount code is involved - for an abandoned cart email, for example - make sure you include that in the preview text.  It's the only hint a customer has about what's in the email - make it good.



"View in Your Browser" -
It doesn't explain what's in the email, and isn't enticing.


"Don't worry - we've saved your cart!"
Much better - it now says what the email is about and is enticing.
Spend some time thinking about this for every email you send -- and test it thoroughly -- for every email you sent, and you could soon see an up-tick in email opens.
Examples from Klaviyo's great article about Preview Text
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