Section 2 Course Content

In section 2 we cover: 

  • 2.1: Shopify Emails - Examples - To understand what the best are doing, we need to examine the best. Here I show what's possible with your Shopify emails, using some of the most successful stores on the platform.  Soon we'll be upgrading yours to be similar!
  • 2.2: Shopify Emails - Setup - Here, we discuss exactly how you can level up your Shopify emails.  Three options depending on your budget and time - a basic version, an intermediate version, and a super advanced, fancy version.  All of them work great.
  • 2.3: Abandoned Cart - Potentially the email that can make you the most money over its lifetime, the abandoned cart email is super important... and one that a huge amount of Shopify stores don't do well.  Most leave it as the 'default template', which, let's be honest, isn't good enough. It needs your personal touch and some clever techniques to convert more customers. Here's how.
  • 2.4: Welcome Email - A very simple email you can set up once, and reap the rewards forever.  Warm customers up for the sale, and get your important message across.
  • 2.5: Around the website - email opt-ins, forms and popups - Ok great, you have an email opt-in form. Is anyone signing up? When they do, what do they get?  No-one wants more random "Updates" or another "Newsletter".  Learn how to make your signup form more enticing, and how to engage customers without putting them in what I call "pop-up hell".
  • 2.6: Comparison of Klaviyo and MailChimp - A common question is, should I use MailChimp or Klaviyo? That's up to you, but I do have some input, which I give in this video. 
  • 2.7: Advanced Klaviyo Conversion Techniques: If you're using Klaviyo, you have some very powerful tools at your fingertips. In this video we talk about follow ups for those who forgot to use their discounts; using personalised discount codes; the power of "P.S.", and more techniques that can increase your sales.
  • 2.7: Recap of Section 2 - In this short video we recap everything we did in section 2, as well as outline how to use the comprehensive checklist we've prepared for you to track your progress of upgrading your emails on your own store.